Niska is one of the conscious synths created by David Elster along with Anita, Fred, and Max.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Niska was created by David Elster in order to serve as a sibling to his son, Leo. She is one among the other conscious synths David created along with Mia, Max, Fred, and Karen. After David's death and the separation of the group, Niska was assigned to work as a sex worker to serve humans until she ultimately escaped.

Season OneEdit

Episode 1.1Edit


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Season TwoEdit

Episode 2.1 At the beginning of this episode it shows that Niska is living in Berlin, Germany after running away from her family; Leo, Mia, Fred, Max and the Hawkins family after the government discovers that they are conscious synths. While hiding in Berlin Niska meets a woman in a nightclub whom she instantly has an romantic attraction to and ends up spending the night with her. Sometime later Niska decides to use David's code to make other synths become conscious.


Niska is very different from your typical synth, she can sometimes be cynical and violent when feeling that she or her family are being threatened. She distrusts humans due to her personal experiences with them, as her creator David sexually abused her and she worked in a brothel after being separated from her family. Like in a human, this treatment caused her to become distrustful and distant, especially towards humans, though this slowly changes throughout the series. She is not afraid to express her dissatisfaction with certain ideas, showing her to be confident and outspoken. She also has no problems hiding secrets from her siblings when she feels the need to, for she made a secret copy of the David's consciousness code and hid it from them. Niska has been shown to very protective of her siblings and loves them a great deal.

Relationships Edit

David Elster - Her maker/creator.

Leo Elster, Max, Fred, Mia - They look at each other as siblings / family members.

Astrid - Her girlfriend.


  • Niska used to love to read, according to Fred.

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