Mia, also known as Anita, is one of the sentient synths. Prior to her purchase by the Hawkins, Mia was associated with Leo Elster, Max, Fred, and Niska, and has since been reunited with her family.


Early LifeEdit

Mia was the first synth created by David Elster to look after his son Leo because David and his wife could not. She was soon followed by Fred, Niska, and Max. She was the one who brought Leo to the surface after he drowned, and after his being brought back, they grew very close. However, while on the run, she and her family except for Leo and Max were captured.

Season OneEdit

Anita was purchased by Joe Hawkins, due to his wife's regular absences and to allow her more time for her family. Anita is the name given to the synth by the Hawkins family.

Mia is essentially trapped beneath the Anita personality. Whenever she tries to surface, Anita sees her as rogue code and attempts to delete her. She seems to have cordoned herself off from the primary processing center in order to protect her code. Late in season 1, she tells Mattie and Laura that she exists, and that she needs help from Leo.

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Season TwoEdit



Anita, like most synths, is polite and cordial to her users; however due to her atypical programming and bleeding through memories, she displays atypical behavior while serving the Hawkins family. Mia occasionally pushes through the Anita persona, revealing parts of her personality to the Hawkins family.

After Mia reveals her persona to Laura and Mattie, Mattie brings Leo to the Hawkins' house where he frees her from the Anita persona.

Mia is the caretaker for Leo. She was built to help Leo while he was a child, and his mother was unable (due to mental illness) to take care of him. She functioned as Leo's mother throughout his childhood, and is strongly bonded to him.

Relationships Edit

David Elster - Her maker/creator as a Synth.

Leo Elster - She thinks of him like a son and treats him as such.

Max - They look at each other as siblings/family members.

Fred - They look at each other as siblings/family members.

Niska - They look at each other as siblings/family members.


  • Mia used to love to paint, according to Fred.