Matilda "Mattie" Hawkins is Joe and Laura Hawkins's eldest daughter, and the older sister of Toby and Sophie. She is very skilled with computers and dislikes the common roles of synths in society, though she becomes protective of the conscious synths and Leo Elster.

Season OneEdit

Episode 1.1Edit

Mattie asks her father why her mother isn't home yet, and he tells her her mother's case ran over. Mattie isn't surprised but disappointed and heads back to her room as her father tells her to pick up the shoes in the hallway or he'll throw them on a bonfire. When her father and sister return with Anita, she wonders out loud what its core processing speed it, and her father tells her not to mess with it because it was expensive. She then asks her father if her Mom is okay with this, and knows there will be trouble when he says it's a surprise. Later, she appears with her friend when she shoots her neighbor's synth in the rear as he is picking up leaves, she would have done it again but she sees her mother coming home.

Episode 1.2Edit

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Season TwoEdit



Mattie seems close to her mother if a bit frosty, as she asks her father why her mother isn't back yet and she shares her mother's frustration at the common roles of synths in society, believing that soon synths will be able to do everything she can. Also like her mother, she believes Anita to be an unusual synth. Because of this suspicion, she accesses Anita's source code and, for a few seconds, brings out Mia. However, upon her mother's return, she was very frosty and seemed bitter at her mother for being away longer and not calling.


Computer Expert: Mattie is an expert with technology, so much so that she could hack a synth to see its programming. She also recognized that Anita was not sharing information with the other synths. She was even able to hide her IP from Leo, though he was able to locate her general area.