Mary Millican was the late wife of Dr. George Millican that he cared for deeply. She and George owned a synth named Odi.

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Mary Millican was the wife of George Millican who worked on the first synthetics. Mary and George attended a wedding where a baby was sick on her jacket but Mary didn't mind as she loved little babies. At some point, Mary and George went to Spain where Odi overcooked the Eggs Benedict and Mary wouldn't let him help. Mary was stung by a bee on her foot at some point but she found it amusing and said Odi could laugh as well. Mary died later in pain and George had a stroke which made him lose all memories of her. Luckily, Odi remembered everything and stored all the memories for George.

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  • Lived at 53 Park Drive, NW6. NW6 is the London borough of Kilburn.