D.I. Karen Voss was the police partner of D.S. Pete Drummond and secretly a sentient synthetic pretending to be a human.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Karen Voss was created by David Elster to replace his wife Beatrice Elster after she committed suicide. She was identical to Beatrice except she couldn't commit suicide as she had a block in her system. David introduced her to Leo and the other conscious synthetics, but they were horrified and David told her to get out. He led her away to terminate her, but couldn't, as she looked exactly like Beatrice - the woman he loved. She escaped. That day, he committed suicide.

Season OneEdit

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Because of the rejection from her synth family and creator, Karen became very lonely and believed that the sentient synths needed to be destroyed. She was willing to let them all be destroyed, though she seemed to have maternal affection for Leo, as she was concerned when she watched when Hobb and later visited him in his cell. While at first these feelings were not enough to stop her from betraying them, after their talk in his cell, she was willing to go and help them get David Elster's code, though she did again attempt to kill all of them, Mia was able to talk her out of it by saying Leo would die, too.

She doesn't trust very easily, as it took her a while to reveal to her partner she was a sentient synth, and she didn't believe Leo when he told her that he accepted her when she came to the Hawkins family home to capture her family.

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