Jill Drummond is the former wife of Pete Drummond and in an unrequited relationship with her synth, Simon. She is disabled after an accident.

Biography Edit

Jill lived with her husband, Pete and their synthetic, Simon that had been given to them after Jill's accident. Jill and Pete had a strained relationship due to Pete's irritation with Simon and Jill's growing attraction to Simon.

Jill suggests that she and Pete live apart as Pete is no longer making her happy anymore and they break up. Pete later gets a phone call telling him that Simon must be returned and Pete goes to find Jill. She and Simon are having some food at a cafe and she does not care that it is unconventional. Pete tells her that she must pay for Simon herself or return him to which she says that she needs him.

Simon and Jill's relationship turns sexual and after they have had sex, Jill asks Simon to be a bit more spontaneous as he is too robotic and she wants him to have more feeling. In desperation she has Simon modded but he goes on a rampage and she is forced to call Pete to help. Pete damages Simon, stopping him and Jill rushes forward, apologising to Simon as he lies motionless on the floor. Pete says he will get her a new one and leaves her with Simon.

Trivia Edit

  • The character of Jill shares the same first name as the actress who plays her, Jill Halfpenny.

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