Greg was a man who flirted with Niska when she was pretending to be a human.

Biography Edit

Episode 1.3 Edit

Greg flirted with Niska while she was reading a book at a bar. He warned her to not trust men except for men in grey suits who were the good guys as he was wearing one. She responded by saying that she had been waiting to meet one of good guys. They go back to his city apartment where she says her name is Candy which he knows is a fake name. She asks if he just wants to sleep with her and he says he would like to get to know her better as he likes her. She goes to the bathroom and sees a woman's hairband and hairbrush and thinks that Greg is in a relationship. She gets a kitchen knife and hides it behind her back when she sees Greg tidying up toys. He tells her that his daughter was staying that weekend. Niska puts down the knife and leaves. He calls out her name and then looks onto the chair she was standing in front of and sees the knife she was going to kill him with.