Ed Hooley was Mia's boss at a beachside cafe during a time when Mia was in hiding. The two later developed a brief romantic attraction to one another, which ended when he kidnapped and tried to sell her.

Personality Edit

At first impression, Ed seems kind and sincere, which is probably why Mia ends up falling for him. He also cares a lot about his aging mother, and will go to great lengths to get money for her healthcare. However, he has also shown that he can be cunning, and quite cruel, at least to synths. He knew that Mia was sentient, and that she loved and trusted him, but he still tried to sell her.

Relationships Edit

Mia Edit

Mia starts working at Ed's café as Anita, and at first he has no idea that she's conscious. Even so, he develops an attraction to her almost right away. When he finds out she's conscious, he's at first horrified, but he then seemingly accepts it. They start a brief affair, but this ends when he follows his friend's advice and kidnaps her in order to sell her. Even though the scheme doesn't succeed, the betrayal hurts Mia deeply.